NEW – Milk & Honey Moisturising (PLUS) Therapy

Natural & Nourishing

Powerful, sophisticated, intelligent and charming, Cleopatra, the legendary queen of Egypt was known for her great beauty. Inspired by Cleopatra’s beauty ritual of milk and honey baths for flawlessly youthful and radiant skin, AsterSpring’s NEW Milk & Honey Moisturising Plus Therapy enables you to recapture the essence of divine beauty through a sensorial and enriching facial treatment experience.

With today’s hectic stressful lifestyle, your skin is often compromised and can be in a lack-lustre, dull, dry and dehydrated state. Factors like lack of good quality sleep, poor diet and exposure to a harsh environment can visibly contribute to accelerated skin ageing. To address such concerns, the facial treatment is carefully designed to rejuvenate your tired skin from your daily grind, with the beneficial properties of natural ingredients like milk and honey, high performance technology and touch therapy.

Key benefits of facial treatment

  • Hydration booster
  • Radiant, luminous glow
  • Anti-ageing – reduce appearance of fine lines and antioxidant protection
  • Anti-stress

Key benefits of milk and honey

  • Gentle exfoliation via lactic acid in milk
  • Moisturise skin with milk proteins
  • Antioxidants with milk peptides and vitamin E to fight against free radical damage
  • Improve skin healing and anti-acne with honey

An Enriching Experience

The facial treatment begins with double cleansing and exfoliation to prepare the skin to receive nutrients. A delightful steam session ensues to soften pores for extraction to clear skin of impurities. Next, an LDM Ultrasound machine from Germany is used for deeper penetration of a highly effective stem cell serum to give the complexion the stimulation it requires and gently erase fine lines and wrinkles. This is followed by AsterSpring’s signature indulgent and revitalizing double massage with a stem cell masque.

A special milk and honey paraffin wax masque from Spain is then applied to carefully warm and intensively nourish your skin. As the milk and honey masque gradually firms up to envelop your skin further, the sensation is similar to snuggling into a cocoon of warm sheets during winter – cozy, yet nourishing and exquisitely delectable. Finished with application of a Dermalogica toner, moisturizer and sun protection, the facial treatment leaves your complexion with a deeply enriched, reinvigorated and radiant glow.

Recommended For:
Stressed, dehydrated and lack-lustre skin
Suitable for all skin types, who appreciate a natural non-invasive approach to beauty

Duration: 58 minutes