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Acne Treatment Module

Mask-acne is Real

New norm, new skin concern.

In the fight against covid-19, wearing face masks has become part of our daily routine. However, this has resulted in many people experiencing challenges with their skin known as maskne.

When we breathe or talk, our face masks tend to trap heat and moisture. This creates a warm, humid environment and is an ideal setting for bacteria and other micro-organisms such as yeast and skin mites that naturally live on our skin, to grow. Such microbial imbalances, and friction from our face mask rubbing against our skin, can lead to acne, rosacea flare-ups and perioral dermatitis, with breakout often occurring around the nose, cheek, mouth and jawline areas.

Bacteria + humidity = a recipe for acne disaster

Just when we thought we had bid our puberty acne issues goodbye, adult acne can occur. Adult acne affects 85% of people, and this has been exacerbated with prolonged wearing of face masks contributing to maskne. The struggle with acne is real, and we feel you.

As experts in #GreatSkinHealth, AsterSpring’s LATEST ACNE TREATMENT MODULE is your complete acne-fighting solution.

Key Benefits:

  • Clear and heal acne
  • Reduce redness and swelling
  • Soothe inflammation

AsterSpring’s Acne Treatment Module comprises of Purifying, Healing and Renewing, so you can benefit at any stage of your journey with the right module to treat acne and achieve healthy, clear and confident skin. All three modules harness high performance touch, machine and product technology for optimal results. Personalization with a proper skin analysis by professionally trained skin therapists is crucial to determine which module best suits you.

Improper squeezing of pimples can lead to infection and scarring. Experience skilful extraction techniques in each facial treatment performed by AsterSpring professionally trained skin therapists to decongest and remove impurities from your skin. High quality, effective LED technology from USA is incorporated in each module, with blue LED light proven to reduce bacteria, breakouts and rosacea flare up, and violet LED light to help speed up the skin healing process. In addition, each module includes specially curated Dermalogica skincare products to effectively treat acne with a good homecare regimen for enhanced results.

Purifying Module
Detox | Anti-bacterial
Decongesting Treatment + Cell Energy Light Therapy + Dermalogica Skincare Products
Clear pimples and diminish breakouts. Ideal for skin with active acne and congestion.

Healing Module
Heal acne | Soothe inflammation
Acne Recovery Therapy + Cell Energy Light Therapy + Dermalogica Skincare Products
Treat blemishes, soothe, calm and hydrate for optimal skin healing.

Renewing Module
Lighten acne marks | Strengthen skin immunity
Skin Brightening and Renewal + Cell Energy Light Therapy + Dermalogica Skincare Products
Remove acne marks for a smoother, healthier complexion, and minimize future breakouts.

Developed with over 37 years of expertise in treating skin, AsterSpring’s facial treatments are customisable to your specific skin needs, with professionally certified highly trained skincare therapists and leading professional grade skincare for maximum results.

Tackle your acne issues with professional advice, help and guidance with AsterSpring’s Acne Treatment Module today! Mask-acne is REAL. We all want a clearer and healthier complexion anytime to feel on top of the world and be more confident.

Recommended For: Acne-prone and pimples skin

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AsterSpring’s Acne Treatment Module is now available in Malaysia at all AsterSpring and AsterSpring Signature centres.

Acne Treatment Module requires models to go through a course, for an extended period of time. More before and after visuals will be shared on a later date.