Specific Essentials

These innovative add-on treatments are specifically designed to concentrate on targeted areas of the face as well as specific skin concern with our breakthrough quintessence solution.

For Eye

Professional Eye Brow Design
Trim and groom to minimize excess brow for a neater appearance. Create personalized brow-shape that complements face features. Reshape brows to enhance definition.

Special Eye Care
A revitalizing eye-care treatment to promote micro-circulation to smoothen and strengthen the delicate eye area working to relieve dryness and dehydration.

Serenity Eye Repair
A deep repairing eye treatment designed to improved skin hydration and barrier repair function for the highly sensitized eye area. Visibly restore resilience and overall comfort.

Oxy Brightening Eye
Intensive spot recovery oxygenating eye treatment to relieve dark circles and minimize puffiness. Stimulates circulation for optimum radiance and restoring brightness to the eye contour.

signature-icon-crown-loveEye Lift Therapy

A non-invasive eye treatment incorporate with ultrasound technology to instantly fit, restore firmness and strengthen the delicate muscles around the eye area.

signature-icon-crown-loveOxy Energy Eye

Intensive spot recovery oxygenating eye-area treatment to soften and minimize fine lines. Provides nourishment for optimum skin suppleness and restoring firmness to the eye contour.

Tri-action Eye Treatment
Give the eyes a deserving refresh with an eye treatment that delivers triple the benefits – tightens and firms skin, brightens dark circles and moisturizes the skin around the eyes.

For Neck

Serenity Neck Repair
A relaxing treatment to help calms and soothes irritated skin by improving skin moisture level and its barrier repair function.

signature-icon-crown-loveNeck & Décolleté Firming

A smoothening and firming neck treatment to soften wrinkles and to ease tension of the neck and chest.

For Face

signature-icon-crown-loveOxygenating Therapy

Oxygenating spot recovery treatment targeting areas such as cheeks, chin or forehead to promote bacteria clearing for inflamed acne spots.


A cutting-edge ultrasound treatment with 2 modes of frequencies operating simultaneously, to deliver double-penetration effect to target the inner and outer skin, completely restoring skin resilience and turgidity with immediate effect.
*choice of essence: hydrating or lifting or brightening

signature-icon-crown-loveOxygenating Full Therapy

Provide oxygenating effect to promote deeper penetration of essence to the skin, leaving skin instantly revitalized.

Biosurface Peel Treatment Pre
A powerful new skin resurfacing system that safely removes dull outer layers of skin with zero downtime as preparation for your next skin treatment. It helps reduce acne, pigmentation and prevent signs of premature aging for better skin radiance.
*consult our professional skincare therapist for best treatment option.


Personalized Make up
An instant casual make up that revive your entire look and make you dazzle all day long.

Professional Make up
A professional make up transformation for special occasion to create the perfect look.