Body & Other Treatments

These pure indulgence treatments lift the veil of relaxation and radiate with a total skin health from head to toe.

Body Intensive Therapy:

signature-icon-crown-loveScalp Tension Relief

A vital mental relaxation to relieve tension and pressure. Enjoy clear thoughts and deep release.

ORP Energy Therapy
Exceptional ionic therapy to boost energy, initiate deep detoxification, increase metabolism, repair free radical damage and de-stress.

Back Repairing Treatment
Powerful herbal skin-repair back treatment to restore skin smoothness and luster with skin strengthening antioxidant-vitamins.

Detox Back Acne Treatment
Intense purifying back treatment to clear acne for improved skin texture. Effective speedy clearing and healing.

Full Body Massage:

Upper Back Aromatherapy
An upper body de-stress aromatherapy relaxation for mental and physical wellbeing. Essential oils calm tension and stress whilst restoring balance.

Upper Back Relaxing Massage
An upper body relief for restoring mental and physical wellbeing. Eliminate tightness on sore muscles, reduce stress fatigue whilst restoring balance.

signature-icon-crown-loveFull Back Aromatherapy

A deeply relaxing aromatherapy for the entire back of body to restore mental and physical balance. A vital stress relief therapy soothe your mind, body and sense.

Total Body Aromatherapy
A deeply harmonizing therapy to erase accumulated mental and physical tensions. Feel the overall lightness as you enjoy total balance. Indulge in the healing touch and scent of aromatherapy.

Anti Stress Full Body Therapy
A full-body deep tissue massage to relieve knotted muscles. Feel the tension melt away as circulation is boosted and the entire body is revitalized.

Full Body Exfoliation Wrap:

Upper Back Exfoliation
A naturally skin harmonizing treatment to gently remove dead cells and dull skin for extra smoothness and glow.

Full Body Exfoliation
A naturally skin harmonizing treatment to gently remove dead cells and dull skin for extra smoothness and glow.

signature-icon-crown-loveHydra Silk Body Wrap

Highly replenishing body wrap using smoothing blend of plant aromatics to relieve dehydration and dryness. Deeply moisturizing and relaxing to promote silky smooth skin.

signature-icon-crownBodilicious: Exfoliation Treatment

Savor the sensory bliss as the sweet and refreshing exfoliation reveals glowing, quenched skin. Clear up accumulated dirt and dead skin cells with a rhythmic massage with brimming aloe vera extracts known to encourage smoother skin and promote moisture retention.
Women’s Weekly Spa Award 2015

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